Thanks for visiting our site and delving a bit deeper into the work we do here at Michael Schmidt Studios. We are often asked about our various projects, the techniques we use, and the services we offer. In this blog, updated regularly, we will share some behind-the-scenes insights into our process. Enjoy, and come back often!


In October 2016 we were approached by Tanya Gill of ICONHOUSE to build a unique ensemble for an upcoming Calvin Harris video. We were challenged to create a gown which was to be part Hajime Sorayama-inspired cyborg girl, part couture ballgown, and illuminated from within~



To achieve the metallic carapace covering the upper body, we created a variety of mechanized-looking structures and tailored them to the female form. We then vacuum-formed PETG over them, adding details including cast-off parts gleaned from Nasa’s shuttle program. These parts were then chromed in-house and prepared for internal lighting details~

In 2015 we were asked by Lou Eyrich, Emmy-award winning wardrobe designer for American Horror Story, to create a killer glove for Lady Gaga's character, the Countess. Inspired by Daphne Guinness, the Countess wears a crystaled opera-length glove which conceals a secret; a diamond-tipped blade beneath metal fingertips.


Here, an early sketch for the elaborate skull scrollwork embellishments~



Computer renderings of the finalized scrollwork designs~


In 2012 we were asked by our friends at Ace Hotels to create a finale piece for their NYC symposium addressing the prospects of 3D printing for the fashion industry. Michael conceived of a gown for his friend, burlesque icon Dita Von Teese, to be made of a simulated 'fabric', rendered entirely through the use of a 3D printer. Previous garments had been printed but while extraordinary, were largely sculptural in nature. Michael challenged his team, including architect Francis Bitonti and the printing company Shapeways, to create a fully articulated gown.


Michael designed a gown inspired by Fibonacci's famous mathematical spiral known as the Golden Ratio, said to quantify ideal proportions of beauty~


In 2015 we were commissioned by our friends at ACE Hotels, with whom we've done two previous sculptures, to create two chandeliers for the private dining room at the newest ACE property in New Orleans.


A rough initial sketch~



Laying out the pattern of the steel scrollwork~



Grinding the steel in preparation for welding~



Mig-welding of the steel armatures~

Legendary rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith asked Michael to create a special magnifying glass to accompany her series of images for her solo show at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. The images, comprised of thousands of individual photographs from Lynn's extensive archives, require magnification to view.



Michael created a glass with a handle from hand-turned mahogany which replicated a three-dimensional soundscan of a song by the artist in the accompanying photograph~


Hand-turned mahogany handles, replicating sound wave patterns from various classic songs~